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About City Sightseeing

Who doesn’t know the bright, cheerful, and fun-filled red open-top buses of City Sightseeing? Started in 1999 in Seville, City Sightseeing is now a global sightseeing tour bus operator providing tour bus services in over 100 cities around the world. As City Sightseeing has grown and expanded, its product portfolio expanded with boat tours, train tours, guided walking tours, and bike tours. The rapid growth of City Sightseeing is due to the concept being developed along the franchise model, giving the local operator the flexibility to introduce the right infrastructure to suit their locality.

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About the Partnership

How it started

The partnership kicked off in early 2018 with the objective to create a global marketplace connecting the 100+ destinations where City Sightseeing is operating into one central platform. Together with City Sightseeing, we have built the City Sightseeing marketplace where global trade partners have access to the product offerings of City Sightseeing via one single interface.

How it is going

And we don’t stop there! Many operators of City Sightseeing are making full use of the Prioticket ticketing platform. With our reservation system, mobile point of sale, website solutions, agent portal, city pass, and redemption solutions, we are providing a solid and proven end-to-end system for any of the operations. With the option to upsell and upgrade, cross-sell, city passes, and combination tickets, each destination becomes a marketplace on its own.

What our client thinks about our solution

Enrique Ybarra

President & CEO @ City Sightseeing Worldwide

“The marketplace technology from Prioticket accelerated our brand visibility and growth. This gave us the ability to connect with every major reseller in the world and target any customer pre-travel, and in-destination via the right distribution partners.”

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