Reporting & Accounting

Gain detailed insight into customers by gathering data from all sales and distribution channels altogether. Reporting modules are available at every layer of our platform and the centralized data is essential for customer profiling to better understand the client.

How the reporting tools add value to your business

For experiences

We provide reporting tools to manage your sales, operations, and finances. Have real-time insight into your location performance and forecast based on historical data.

For marketplaces

One centralized overview of your sales, distributor sales, and supplier performances. Create statement and invoices and forecast based on historical data.

For destinations

Have insight into your destination’s performance via any sales or distribution channel. Activate marketing campaigns based on customer profiles and source markets.

The Reporting tools will give real-time insight in the performance of your business

Standard platform reports

Analyze real-time live performance data to optimize your business operation. There are reports for every stakeholder in the company for top management, sales, marketing and finance, and daily operations and independent users.


We help your business to record, organize, and understand its financial information. The platform is built with the accounting cycle in mind to organize all your transaction data to understand the financial state of your operation.

Auto-generated invoices

Depending on the invoicing terms auto-generated invoices are created for every distributor or supplier partner based on dynamic terms per partner. This minimizes the manual invoicing process and still maximizes the flexibility of invoicing towards your partners.

Custom reports

Create your own dashboard with the right data for your operation in one overview. Get perfect insight into your bookings, sales, and traffic. Immediately see whether you need to adjust your strategy or continue in this way.

Export and APIs

Export all your data in a CSV file to process it into your existing business intelligence and bookkeeping tools.

Gain detailed insight into your customers by using our reporting tools

Real-time data

Real-time data in dynamic tables adjustable per user

Adjustable views

Filter & Adjust the view based on the view you are looking for

Compare data

Comparison function with historical data

Mobile responsiveness

The reports are mobile responsive

Enable products

User approval flow for shift and day reports

The various manage tools we provide our clients


Use the platform to its full extent by utilizing the built-in platform tools. Create and manage your products and operations from one centralized back office or continue using your current system. As our connectivity platform is connected to various third-party platforms, you could start using the Prioticket Sales and Trade tools connected to your current platform.

How our partners use Reporting & Accounting


The world’s leading open-top bus brand in over 100 locations worldwide.

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The global multi-channel reseller for tours, activities, and experiences.

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