Operational tools

Improve the guest experience and manage your operation with the built-in operational tools. The tool will help you to optimize capacity and your day-to-day planning and forecasting.

Utilize the operational tools to optimize your operations on location

Event overview and guest manager

Manage the day with a full overview of who is arriving with all the customer details and booking channel. Manage On your mobile or desktop, know who will arrive from which channel at what time.

Capacity Manager

Manage your capacity from one central place. Work with shared capacity, combined capacity, or single capacities and link the products. Create additional one-time timeslots for a specific day, and easily manage when capacity changes.


All channels are fully integrated into your planning tools. This allows you to streamline your performance and focus your resources on providing the best experiences for your customers.

Allocation Manager

Allocate capacity to specific trade partners or sales channels to optimize the capacity within your location. Whether this is for a particular time slot, days, or generic settings, the allocation tools will allow you to do so.

Transport tracker

Real-time dynamic dispatching panel to manage your fleet on site. Our management platform will give you real-time information on your fleet, occupancy and optimize the operations. Organize the right guides and people.

The tools to optimize your operations are built-in to the platform


Streamline your operations


Optimize your capacity

Design flexibility

Manage various user groups with permissions


Create operational insights to forecast

Transport tracking

Manage your fleet with the transport tracker

How are partners use the platform tools


Use the platform to its full extent by utilizing the built-in platform tools. Create and manage your products and operations from one centralized back office or continue using your current system. As our connectivity platform is connected to various third-party platforms, you could start using the Prioticket Sales and Trade tools connected to your current platform.

How are partners use the Operational tools


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