Entrance management

Choose from a wide range of tools to manage your customer check-ins, booking validations, and access control. We offer scanning solutions through our mobile scanning application, APIs, and web and NFC technology.

How the Entrance management tools add value to your business

For experiences

The different types of redemption are created for the different business needs, to be able to redeem in all situations in all locations.

For marketplaces

Create a loyalty pass for your customers, where to include multiple locations where the scanning solutions can be utilized.

For destinations

Create, digitize, and distribute your destination city pass with live availability and scanning solutions for each of the participating locations.

Have access to a variety of entrance management tools to make optimal use of the platform


Scanning is done independently of your choice of hardware. We offer the latest industry-leading standards and the latest scanning technology for any activity. Choose from a variety of admission-control hardware options to meet your operational needs.

Check-in via turnstiles

Our admission control solution is compatible with all major turnstile manufacturers. The different options provide an efficient and secure way of admitting guests to your venue.

Check-in via host

Offer a personalized experience, search customers, and understand what bookings and reservations they have made. Manage on the spot with booking status, create time slots, redeem and accept payments all through the white label host app.

Contact-free redemption

With the wireless NFC and RFID remote communication technology customers can easily enter and leave your attraction using a personal tag. All high-speed communications are routed on the device’s processor module, which will minimizes the time to recognize the code to scan.

Real-time reporting

All redemptions are live traceable and visible in BI tools, analyze visitor spread through the day, and the upsell capabilities of your staff. Accurate validation reporting including entries, reentries, crossovers and exits and automatic supervisor notification of locked-out tickets

Add the entrance management tools for scanning and redemption of tickets


Option to customize the visualizations of the scan

Flexible settings

Flexible validation rules settings

Diverse connectivity

Ethernet, USB, and wireless connection

Easy validation

Validation via the host application

Software variety

Supporting a wide variety of software

The various manage tools we provide our clients


Use the platform to its full extent by utilizing the built-in platform tools. Create and manage your products and operations from one centralized back office or continue using your current system. As our connectivity platform is connected to various third-party platforms, you could start using the Prioticket Sales and Trade tools connected to your current platform.

How our partners use the entrance management tools


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